Faced with a perennial influx of structured and unstructured data, enterprises today are looking for secure cloud storage solutions that ensure the safe storage of their data in transit and at rest. With options to effortlessly upgrade the storage account as an enterprise scales, cloud storage is hassle-free and discounts the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

The cost-effective aspect of cloud-based storage is further accentuated by the availability of convenient remote data backups that substantially reduce the costs to set up a disaster recovery and backup mechanism. In addition, companies today seek methodologies that will facilitate the movement of data between different types of cloud and data center repositories with ease. With the cloud market growing exponentially, there is also a transition toward the hybrid environments—leveraging the benefits of cloud storage platforms offered by thousands of cloud storage providers. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right solutions providers, Cloud Technology Insights presents Top 10 Cloud Storage Solution Providers – 2016.